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Oil Pulling

Updated: May 30, 2022

Oil pulling, also known as 'Kavala' or 'Gandusha' is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique that originated in India. What some may not know is that the mouth is a mirror of the body's general health. If you have ever seen a Naturopath or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner you will notice that we always look inside the mouth to assess how well the patient is detoxifying and digesting or if Candida is present.

When we sleep, the body detoxifies 'up and outwards' which pushes bacteria and toxins into the mouth.

Upon waking, we swallow this bacteria back down into the digestive tract invariably adding to digestive complaints. To help eliminate bacteria in the mouth and digestive tract, oil pulling should be done every morning upon waking before food has been consumed. For best results, it should be done as soon as you get out of bed.

The pulling action helps to activate salivary enzymes within the mouth which help to absorb chemical, bacterial and environmental toxins.

Cold pressed coconut oil contains strong anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties which has been clinically effective against 'Streptococcus mutans' and 'Candida albicans'. Use an organic cold pressed refined coconut oil. I recommend Loving Earth, refer here to Loving Earth's cold pressed coconut oil.


1. Place 1 teaspoon of coconut oil into the mouth and swish it around for a full 5 mins. (Don't worry if it's liquid as it most probably will be in the warmer months). Every week increase the time by 5 minutes until you are pulling for 20mins.

2.After 5 mins spit the oil into a paper-towel and place in the trash bin. Do not spit it into the sink or it will clog your pipes once hardened.

3. Rinse your mouth with warm water and a pinch of Sea Salt which will remove any bacterial residue. You may also like to brush your teeth after this step.

Note: Do not swallow the oil during 'pulling' as the oil will contain adhered bacteria and toxins and defeats the purpose of what you are trying to achieve.

After 1 week you will notice that your skin becomes clearer as you begin to eliminate unwanted bacteria from the mouth. Oil pulling is also effective in reducing halitosis (bad breath) and any gum infections. *note: please see your dentist if you are experiencing any tooth or gum pain. This technique is not to be replaced by a good dental check up.

Happy Pulling!


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