Louisa offers an understanding and empathetic approach to each individual by adapting a treatment plan to the underlying cause rather than the presenting symptoms. She is able to draw on her knowledge and apply clinical research to deliver information in a way that the client understands and help to empower lasting change.

Louisa’s practice integrates a range of tools including extensive knowledge and application of herbal medicine, nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle strategies, iridology screening, tongue analysis, and the added application of energetic medicine using Bach Flower remedies to assist with emotional blockages and support.

With the right support through Naturopathic principles, Louisa believes that the human body has an innate way of healing itself when the right environment is offered.

Louisa has a passion for bioenergetic medicine and has seen its profound effects not only in her patients lives but also in her own. This is an exciting area of medicine that Louisa wants to further study so she can bring her knowledge to her practice with existing patients. Louisa is a qualified Naturopath and proudly accredited by the Australian Natural Therapist Association. All bookings and appointments will be based in St Kilda at Stable Health Clinic (Melbourne, VIC).