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Louisa holds a degree in Health Science (Naturopathy) and helps to combine the latest scientific research with traditional methods of treatment. Her passion was born when she experienced the profound effects that natural therapies had on her own health and has never looked back.  

Louisa offers an understanding and empathetic approach to each individual by adapting a treatment plan to the underlying cause rather than the presenting symptoms. She is able to draw on the knowledge and apply clinical research to deliver information in a way that the patient understands to empower lasting change.

Louisa’s practice integrates a range of tools including extensive knowledge and application of herbal medicine, nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle modification & energetic medicine principles. More recently she has incorporated muscle testing and the use of NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) to help patients release any stressors that may be negatively affecting their health.

Louisa has completed her NET Basic training.

Louisa is proudly accredited by the Australian Natural Therapist Association (ANTA).



“There is a beauty, truth and wisdom to Naturopathic Medicine that bestows it’s virtues throughout nature and within the human existence” 

Dis-ease is the body’s way of expressing to us that something is out of balance in our lives. Naturopathic treatment helps to restore that balance without being invasive or creating more symptoms unnecessarily.
A naturopath is trained to seek the underlying cause of a disease rather than suppressing a patients symptoms. Every dis-ease presents symptoms which can be viewed as expressions of imbalance manifesting from a physical, mental and/or emotional level. The primary focus is to treat the root cause and promote health.

Naturopaths stand by core principles that help to educate and treat the individual as a whole and will consult to apply knowledge in areas of stress management, diet modification, lifestyle factors, exercise, environmental influences and a detailed patient history in order to put together a treatment plan that empowers the individual.



Herbal Oils

"We don't treat disease, we treat people who suffer from diseases."
- The Physician

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