Mediherb delivers the highest quality herbal formulations. All herbs are prescribed after an extensive consultation. Prescription is then dispensed as a compounded liquid formulation. Each prescription contains important phytochemical constituents already present in each formulation with superior bioavailability.

Nutritional medicine is applied when a patient is found to have gaps in their diet, or when nutrients/absorption levels are not naturally maximised. Applying medicinal foods can often assist to treat a range of ailments including acute conditions such as cold and flu. All foods suggested are based on the specific requirements of each patient.  

Because change can be hard, sometimes we require help to create a plan that assists in the process. Each and every 'plan' is based specifically on a patient's passions, time and motivation. The techniques provided can include exercise suggestions, breathing techniques, meditation and mindfulness. This process can help educate patients to feel more in control for future endeavours.

Flower essences are energetic medicines that help to rebalance emotional instability as well as support the movement of any emotional blockages. Patients can feel greater balance in logical and emotional experiences. Flower essences compliments the use of herbal tinctures. 

Iridology is used as a diagnostic tool. By observing the iris, health thresholds unique to the individual can be determined.


In specific cases individualised pathology and functional testing may be appropriate. All tests are targeted at furthering patients in their health plan and are outsourced from a practitioner only pathology lab.