INITIAL CONSULTATION : 60 minutes includes

- A comprehensive analysis of a patients past history and any present complaints

- A physical analysis including tongue and nail

- Iridology (if time allows)

- Nutritional analysis

- An individualised treatment plan

- Dispensing of liquid herbs (if indicated)

Price : $125.00*



FOLLOW-UP CONSULTATION : 30-45 minute includes 

- A revision of previously provided treatment plan

- An update on any new test results

- Any relevant changes required to the current treatment plan

- Dispensing of liquid herbs (if indicated)

Price : $85.00*






ACUTE CONSULTATION : 15-20 minute includes
- Treatment of presenting symptoms

e.g. Cold & Flu, throat infection, chest infection, diarrhoea

- Herbal prescription for acute condition (herbs at additional charge)

*These appointments can be scheduled by both new and existing patients

Price : $55.00* 

*Herbs & supplements are an additional charge and vary in price

Cancellations will incur a fee for less than 24 hr notice. Please be conscious that when you cancel last minute it is harder to fill. Thank you in advance!